Welcome! Yes I’m one of those people who believes that nature and food should be used for the prevention of, the cure for, or at least helpful management of many of the common ailments many people suffer from today -everything from skin problems, anxiety, depression and hormonal changes, to diabetes, blood pressure and arthritis.

That being said, I also believe that sometimes, medications are definitely necessary, and nothing in my blog, nor any of my recipes, opinions, suggestions or shared products should be used to substitute any prescribed treatment by a physician. But if you’re someone who loves using natural products from the earth on a daily basis, and prefers to live as naturally as possible in order to prevent weight, age and diet related illnesses, then please join me as I explore and share many natural and homemade recipes, ideas and products to enhance a natural lifestyle. Warning! This may include many of my own home experiments with humorous failures and successes, so read at your own risk!

Did I mention pets? Pets deserve to be provided with the same safe and natural products and foods as we do. That’s why I’ve dedicated my blog to both pets and people.

Here we go!………………………………………………….

If you’re in need of bottles for your oil mixtures or other herb or oil supplies, you can find some HERE.

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